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This winter, there’s a good chance that you’ll be spending more time at home than ever before. So why not turn your home into your haven? It’s easier than you think! We’ve compiled a few simple tips to help you beat the winter blues, save on heating costs, and stay cozy at home this winter. Check out your cozy home checklist below:


Kids and pets (and yes, you too!) can track in a lot of snow, ice, and mud from the outdoors. Don’t leave your floors unprotected. Treat yourself to new doormats (both inside and outside) along with boot trays inside your entryway. A mudroom is perfect for hanging wet jackets, but if you don’t have a mudroom, you can get creative with a hall tree or even some well-placed coat hooks.


Most ceiling fans have a switch to make the blades run in reverse. Running your ceiling fan clockwise on a low setting helps to push heated air down and redistribute warmth throughout the room. This is especially helpful in rooms with high ceilings. By simply reversing your ceiling fan, you can drop your thermostat to save on heating costs and you’ll still feel cozy!

Your Cozy Home Checklist - Ceiling Fan


Your furnace pushes dry air into your home, wreaking havoc on your skin! Using a humidifier helps to improve air quality while keeping you comfortable. An oil diffuser is another great option for adding moisture to the air, and it comes with the added benefits of elevating your mood and reducing your stress. If you’re having trouble deciding between a humidifier and an oil diffuser, why not, choose both? Some humidifiers pull double duty by acting as oil diffusers, too!


Dreary winter days can have a negative impact on your mood. A few well-placed indoor plants will help to brighten up your space and lift your spirits. There are plenty of great options for adding greenery to your home this winter. We love succulents as a low-maintenance, high-style way to beat the winter blues!


There’s nothing like a fire in the fireplace to make you feel cozy. Even if you don’t have a built-in fireplace, you can still create a seriously cozy atmosphere with a portable one! There are a ton of great options on the market. A tabletop fireplace makes for a chic centerpiece that you can move from room to room.  As a bonus, you can use it on your patio table come summertime. Our favorite portable fireplaces use ethanol. Since ethanol is recycled and clean-burning, you don’t have to worry about dangerous fumes indoors.


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