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Preparing Air Conditioner for fall

The summer heat is slowly dissipating, and it’s time to start preparing your air conditioner for the cooler fall temperatures of 2020. Of course, this will still depend on the local weather report. Expect that you will not use your AC unit too much this fall, especially in the coming winter.

By preparing your air conditioner for fall you’ll be ensuring that your AC unit will be in good condition for next year. Here are some simple ways to maintain your AC unit:

Check Performance

Turn on your AC specifically to study how it performs. How long does it take to reach the temperature you’ve set on the thermostat? Is the air adequately cool? Does the unit make funny noises or emit strange sounds? Take note of anything out of the ordinary that needs attention before you turn it off for good this fall. It’s better to address issues now when repair or replacement costs will be lower than when they pick up again next spring.

Monitor Temperature Gauge

Keep an eye on the thermostat to see if the temperature stays where you want it to. If the room temperature vacillates or if the unit seems to run for several minutes before cooling the air to the specified temperature, you may have a problem. A thermostat that does not register the actual temperature or maintain the programmed temperature should be checked by a technician.

Schedule Maintenance

An annual inspection and assessment of your AC equipment is a good idea even when everything seems to be working fine. You may have gotten used to a small motor whine or a faint burning smell; this usually suggests that the unit is working extra hard to do its job. A yearly check can reassure you that all is well and ready for the next warm season. Small problems can be diagnosed with recommendations by the expert.

Get Repairs Taken Care Of

Get the AC repair work done promptly if a problem is detected during the inspection. Waiting for warm weather to roll around again could allow the problem to get worse and, as mentioned, service and equipment prices could go up in price. Having the work done now means that your air conditioning will be ready for you to enjoy on the first hot day next year.

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Air conditioning is one of those home amenities that we often take for granted until it stops working. Keep your AC unit in good condition so that you can enjoy its cooling comfort for years to come!

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