Sparked by pent-up demand, the ability to work from anywhere, and the need for more space, real estate sales are on the rise across the country, making it a prime time for would-be sellers to consider listing their home. But many of today’s buyers are coming to market with a new set of criteria for their next home. Here are some of the features topping their lists:

Home office

With an increasing number of work-from-home situations morphing from temporary to permanent, office space is a must-have for many of today’s homebuyers. If your home doesn’t currently have a dedicated work area, consider turning your guest room into a home office, or staging a quiet corner of a den or family room with a workstation, privacy screen, and shelving stocked with office supplies.

Schooling space

With so many parents challenged by virtual learning requirements, homes that have an appropriate spot for the kids to “attend school” will have an edge over those that don’t. If you don’t have a room you can dedicate to a home-schooling set-up, add a couple of small desks, a bookcase, and a bulletin board to a quiet corner of your kitchen or family room. Or if you have a large walk-in closet, consider turning this into a quiet classroom nook.

Home gym

Many have taken their exercise routines from the gym to their homes, so be sure to set up an area of your abode—like your garage or basement—with simple work-out equipment, such as a bench, free weights, yoga mat, and full-length mirror.

Outdoor living space

To help attract more attention to your home, spruce up your outdoor area to make it an inviting extension of your indoor living space. Create a comfortable seating area by investing in inviting outdoor furniture, and stage an outdoor dining space with non-breakable dinnerware and glassware. Consider adding a fire-pit or water feature, or playground equipment if you have space.

Private nooks

With families spending more time together under one roof, homes that have a spot to slip away for privacy will attract more buyers. If you have an open floor plan design, consider sectioning off a corner with tall bookcases or decorative screens. If you have ample bathrooms, stage one with spa-like features to create an instant retreat. Or, if you have a basement, stand-up attic, garage room, or shed you’re not using, now may be the time to have it finished, decorated, and turned into a private escape.

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